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Santa Barbara County Association of Governments (SBCAG)

SBCAG Santa Barbara County Association of Governments

Santa Barbara County Association of Governments (SBCAG) is an association of city and county governments in Santa Barbara County. Many of the issues that face local governments and the people they serve such as traffic, housing, air quality, and growth extend beyond jurisdictional boundaries. SBCAG’s primary purpose is to assist local governments in solving common problems and addressing public policy issues that are regional or multi-jurisdictional. SBCAG exists to provide a forum for regional collaboration and cooperation between agencies.

SBCAG was established in 1966 as a voluntary council of governments under a joint powers agreement executed by Santa Barbara County and each of the general purpose city governments in the county. SBCAG is an independent public agency governed by a 13-member board of directors consisting of all five county supervisors and one city council member from each of the eight cities within the County.

Community Environmental Council (CEC)

Community Environmental Council CEC

CEC is a Santa Barbara-based non-profit organization with a reputation for positive social change and community engagement. Since 1970, we have been a leader in creative solutions to our region’s toughest environmental problems. For more than a decade, we have focused on inspiring, innovating, and implementing regional solutions to climate change. Our programs lead to cleaner transportation, renewable energy, resilient food systems, and eliminating food waste and plastic pollution. CEC is committed to climate action that is centered on our most impacted communities, including low-income households, rural communities, and communities of color that currently bear a disproportionate burden of both environmental pollution and climate change impacts. CEC will support SBCAG’s outreach goals for Connected 2050 by helping to connect with a wider range of stakeholders who can share their vision for their community’s future.

Just Communities

Just Communities / Comunidades Justas

Just Communities offers cultural competency training to organizational leaders, education seminars for the general public, leadership training institutes for students and teachers, and customized consultation to local agencies for diversity and organizational change initiatives. Just Communities envisions an equitable and inclusive Central Coast where all people are connected, respected, and valued. Just Communities’ mission is to advance justice by building leadership, fostering change, and dismantling all forms of prejudice, discrimination, and oppression.

Just Communities is a key Connected 2050 partner for more inclusive community engagement, which will help SBCAG improve mobility and promote a sustainable future in direct partnership with the public.

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