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Why is it important to plan land use and transportation together?

Planning land use and transportation together helps us build better communities that are more connected, healthy, vibrant, and prosperous. Land-use plans for cities and the County of Santa Barbara have a significant impact on travel and transportation needs in the region. The way land is used affects our life in many ways, including:

  • How far we travel to reach our jobs or schools.
  • What types of services and opportunities we can easily access in our communities.
  • Where we can find safe, stable, and affordable housing.
  • How goods such as food or medicine are transported.
  • How much we need to drive and the types of transportation options that we can conveniently use.

Each city and county government must develop and regularly update their land-use plans. Local land-use plans determine where houses, apartments, offices, commercial spaces, and other types of new development can be built. Connected 2050 provides a regional vision that will help local governments make land-use decisions that help meet important community needs and reduce GHG emissions.

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