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How is the SCS developed?

The Santa Barbara County Association of Governments (SBCAG) updates the SCS with their Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) every 4 years. The last RTP-SCS update was completed in 2017.

Between now and early October 2020, SBCAG will use technical analysis and community input to create several different future “scenarios”. Each of the scenarios that SBCAG develops will represent a different vision for future development, growth, and transportation in our region. SBCAG will test and evaluate each scenario to see how it would reduce GHG emissions – while also meeting important social, economic, and environmental goals for the region’s communities. After all scenarios are evaluated, SBCAG will conduct Connected 2050 community workshops to share what they learned and collect community input. SBCAG will use input from the workshops to identify a “preferred growth scenario” for Connected 2050 that will reduce GHG emissions and meet other important needs. SBCAG will use the preferred growth scenario to develop the full Connected 2050 plan. A draft version of the plan and environmental documents will be released for public comment before public hearings are held with SBCAG’s Board. The final version of Connected 2050 will be adopted by August 2021.

For more details about the process, go to the 2050 Update Process page.

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