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SBCAG wants to collaborate with community members to develop a shared vision for Connected 2050. If you imagine how your community could be improved in the future, what do you see? Where do you need to go? How easy and affordable is it for you to get there, and what type of transportation options would you want to use? What type of neighborhood do you want to live in and what do you want your community to look like? Where, what types, and how much housing is available in your community? Where do you want to work and what type of job opportunities do you want in your community? Do you have good access to healthcare, social services, education, community centers, open spaces, and recreational areas?

These questions are at the heart of the SCS and we need community members to help us find answers. Share your feedback to help us build a shared vision for the future of transportation, housing, and economic development with your community.

How Can I Share My Comments?

If you work, live, go to school, or operate a business in Santa Barbara County, your thoughts and ideas can help SBCAG create a better Connected 2050 RTP-SCS. Any interested person, group, or business can use the form below to share comments for Connected 2050. While online comments are the quickest way to communicate with the SBCAG team, information about how to mail your comments or leave a voice message can be found below.

Submit Comments Online Now

Submit Comments by Mail

To submit your comments in writing, please send them to the address below:
260 N. San Antonio Road, Suite B, Santa Barbara 93110

Submit Comments by Phone

To submit your comments by phone/voicemail, call: (805) 961-8900

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