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There are many opportunities to be engaged in creating Connected 2050, from hosting a listening session to providing input with surveys and participating in workshops. Learn more about how and when you can get involved!

Outreach Timeline

Connected2050 Timeline


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March - June 2020

Attend or host a Connected 2050 listening session in your community

Listening sessions offer opportunities for SBCAG to learn more about the types of transportation, housing, and growth that communities wants to see in the future. Your input will help us develop and improve future “scenarios” in the Connected 2050 plan. The scenarios will explore different ways to improve transportation and build better communities in the future. SBCAG will share these scenarios at their Connected 2050 community workshops and ask people to identify their preferred options for future development and growth in the region.

April - August 2020

Complete the Connected 2050 “Better Communities” Survey

Help imagine future scenarios and options for improved transportation, housing, and economic development across the region. Input collected in the Better Communities surveys will be used to develop plans and recommendations in Connected 2050.

September - October 2020

Attend the Connected 2050 Community Workshops

Explore the different scenarios being considered in the Connected 2050 plan and choose which options will help your community thrive at a series of community workshops. Your input will help create recommendations for transportation, housing, and regional development that will help our communities to flourish.

November 2020

Read the Connected 2050 Public Participation Report

Learn how SBCAG plans to include community input into the creation of the Connected 2050 plan and see the impact of your involvement.

December 2020 - March 2021

Track development of the draft Connected 2050 Plan

The best way to get updates about the Connected 2050 plan is to sign up for notifications and follow SBCAG on social media.

April - July 2021

Share input on the draft Connected 2050 Plan

Comments will help to deliver a final Connected 2050 plan that balances regional transportation and growth with important social, economic, and environmental goals that were reflected in community input from listening sessions and workshops in 2020.

July or August 2021

Attend the Connected 2050 Public Hearings

Share your final comments with SBCAG’s Policy Board before they review and adopt and the final Connected 2050 plan

August 2021

Read the final Connected 2050 plan

Get a copy of the final Connected 2050 plan to see how your input was used.

August 2021 and beyond

Put Connected 2050 into Action

Continue to shape and create the future you want to see with the Connected 2050 plan’s recommendations. Learn how to influence important decisions about the future of sustainable transportation, land-use, and development in your community.

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Request a Community Listening Session

If you would like to request a listening session for your community group, organization, or business, then please complete the online form at the bottom of this webpage. We are currently conducting listening sessions online with Zoom video and phone conferencing to support the public health response to COVID-19 and comply with Governor Newsom’s March 19 Stay at Home Order. More information and guidance is included below.

What is a community listening session?

Listening sessions provide opportunities for “co-learning”, where everyone who participates can be both a student and teacher. Listening sessions are a great way to learn about the Connected 2050 plan and to share your ideas for building a better, more sustainable community.

Participate in or host a listening session if you would like to:

  • Understand how the Connected 2050 plan will affect you and your community
  • Share your community knowledge, experience, and vision for the types of transportation improvements, land-use, and sustainable development you would like to see in your community

Listening sessions allow SBCAG to learn directly from community members, so their agency can develop better recommendations for Connected 2050 that will lead to healthier, more resilient, and better connected communities. Just Communities will provide translation and interpretation services for our listening sessions.

Listening sessions are generally conducted with a small group, usually about 10 to 15 people. Most listening sessions are held with community groups, friends, or families so everyone in the room knows one another and will feel more comfortable sharing their ideas for others to hear.

To support participation, our listening sessions can be scheduled for a day and time that works best for you and other people who will participate. Our goal is to provide listening sessions where people can safely learn with one another, share their knowledge and experiences, encourage creative thinking, explore new ideas, and be truly heard.

Request A Listening Session

Attend a Community Workshop

Workshops will take place between August and October of 2020. Sign up for our Connected 2050 notifications to get updates if you’d like to participate.

Attend a Public Hearing

More information about the Connected 2050 public hearings will be available in June 2021 when the Draft Connected 2050 RTP-SCS is released for public comment.

How to Provide Public Comment

Community Environmental Council will release a guide to help members of the public plan and provide comments for hearings. Check back for details in 2021 and sign-up for notifications to stay informed.

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